Flow from inquiry to delivery

Here, we will introduce the flow from consultation / inquiry to product delivery.

Contact Us

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for consultation and inquiries regarding products. When you make an inquiry, we will ask you for the company name, person in charge, address, telephone number, and fax number. In that case, if you let us know the product and contents, we can reply smoothly.


We will listen to your needs. In response to your request, we will make a proposal that suits you.


We produce fast samples from sewing samples, proposals, illustrations, measuring, etc. received from customers. After the sample is corrected and approved, a contract is signed. Production starts after receiving a contract fee.


We order fabric production from fabric manufacturers, send fabric fabric swatches (samples of ingredients, texture, color dyeing, thickness, etc.), sub-material samples, etc. to customers, get approval, and start full-scale production . The delivery date is counted from the date of approval of the fabric and width materials.


After production is completed and inspection and meter reading are performed, it will be shipped. If you want a shipping sample, send the sample, confirm it and ship it. We perform our own export business and deliver smoothly to the customer’s designated delivery destination.

* Third party inspection is also available.