The following products are available for OEM production.

Casual wear

Casual wear

·  Casual shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, men’s denim shirts, men’s pants, cut-and-sew dresses, jeans, hats, etc.

Suit-Uniform- working wear -Sportwear

Suits / uniforms / work clothes

· Service industry uniforms, office uniforms, work clothes, aprons, suits

· Shirts for various events, polo shirts, blousons, etc.

· Jackets, coats, skiwear, raincoats, kidswear, dogwear, underwear, sportswear

Baby & kids wear

Baby & Kids Wear

· Baby wear and related products

· Children’s clothing for boys and girls and hand-embroidered girls’ dresses

· Clothing for studio photography

Underwear & Inner, swim wear 

Underwear & innerwear, swimwear, workout wear

· (Women) Bras, pants, camisole, shorts, tank tops, etc.

· (Men) Tank tops, boxer shorts, trunks, etc.


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